Campus Partners - Request to Initiate a Campus Partnership

Many organizations find that working with college students allows them to expand the capacity of their organization or agency while allowing them to provide students with an opportunity to have positive learning experiences. Through community learning and volunteering, students are able to examine the role of the community organizations and contribute to them. Community Engagement will do everything possible to locate the right students to meet your needs. Please complete and submit this form.

*If you do not have the necessary information handy to complete this form please exit the online form and reopen a new form when you are ready.

The online form may time out after you log off of your computer or your computer goes to sleep and your information will not successfully be sent through to our database. 

Main Contact: The main contact information provided below will be used by Community Engagement staff members to contact your organization. CSUN students will not have access to this information unless otherwise designated. 

Risk Management & Partnership Training

Self Assessment of Risks