Request to Initiate Partnership

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with CSU Stanislaus.* We look forward to exploring a potential partnership with your organization.

This form will initiate the process for us to learn more about your organization and the off-campus learning opportunities that you’d like to make available to students. Ideally, a representative of the organization who is familiar with the learning activities that university students will be engaged in, as well as your safety policies and procedures should complete this form.

NOTE: CSU faculty or students cannot complete this form on behalf of an organization. However, you can copy the URL of this page and send it directly to a prospective organizational partner.

General Partnership Criteria

The following general partnership criteria applies to all off-campus academic learning partnerships with the California State University (CSU). Additional program criteria may apply and is indicated in the program section. Please review the criteria and complete the acknowledgment statement.

  • Provide students with on-site orientation that includes, but is not limited to an overview of the organization's programs, policies, procedures and clients served; the service or work the student will be performing; placement expectations, including attire and professional conduct; specific training; and, information about any potential hazards or risks.
  • Provide student supervision.
  • Identify activities or work that may pose a health or safety risk. In the event that additional unforeseen risks become apparent, the organization must communicate in a timely manner all risk-related concerns to the CSU.
  • Your organization may be required by California law or elect to obtain a student's fingerprints and submit them to the Department of Justice, and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for a criminal background check. If required or elected, the organization is responsibility to:
    • determine whether such fingerprinting is required;
    • inform students on how fingerprints will be obtained;
    • obtain criminal background clearance from the appropriate agency; and,
    • advise students regarding the cost of fingerprinting/background clearance and who will be responsible for covering that cost.

*If you are looking to partner with all 23 CSU campuses, please click here to complete the CSU systemwide Partnership Form.