Welcome to CalStateS4 for CSU Fullerton

Congratulations on securing your internship and/or enrolling in a service-learning class!

For Academic Internships:
You should only login if you have:

  1. Received an offer to start an academic internship, AND...
  2. Confirmed that your academic internship is fully registered with and approved by CICE, AND...
  3. Enrolled in your internship course for the term in which you seek credit.

Check the information card for your major for full instructions on your internship approval and class enrollment process by clicking on the following link: http://www.fullerton.edu/cice/students/info_cards.php

Did you find your internship outside of Titan Connection and your company/organization is not yet registered?

  1. Visit www.fullerton.edu/cice/newsite to complete the CICE Academic Internship Registration Request Form. Please plan between 2-4 weeks for the site registration process. 
  2. Contact the Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE) at (657) 278-3746 or cice@fullerton.edu to confirm or check on the status of your site's registration.

For Service-Learning:
Your professor should direct you to this page when appropriate. Please complete this process before you begin any service hours and as directed in your curriculum.