Request to Initiate Partnership

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Partnering with California State University East Bay

Thank you for your interest in partnering with CSUEB. We look forward to exploring a potential partnership with your organization.

This form will initiate the process for us to learn more about your organization and the off-campus learning opportunities that you’d like to make available to students. Ideally, a representative of the organization who is familiar with the learning activities that university students will be engaged in, as well as your safety policies and procedures should complete this form.

Cal State East Bay invites organizations from a variety of community sectors to partner with us around applied learning opportunities for students. These may include for-credit, co-curricular (non-credit bearing), paid, and un-paid opportunities. Organizations must complete this Request to Initiate Partnerships (RTIP) as the first step in the process to working with our students. Organizations partnering with the University must also sign an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding - MOU), with the exception of paid opportunities. Organizations that are paying students are not required to complete an MOU, but are still required to complete the RTIP.  

Currently, the University has two departments that coordinate these learning opportunities and the related partnerships: the Internships Program within Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE), and the Center for Community Engagement (CCE). Each department works to develop and communicate with partnering organizations relevant to their program goals. This may vary based on the type of student learning experience. Both programs use the CalStateS4 platform to manage placements, partnerships, and data tracking.

The Center for Community Engagement takes the lead on service learning/community service related learning opportunities with advocacy, education, government, non profit, social service entities. 

The Internships Program in AACE predominantly supports career building, pre-professional internships with for-profit and corporate entities.

Within the RTIP, organizations may elect to work with one or both programs. Please note that the CCE will be the primary contact for organizations that select both programs.

A number of areas on the form are required. The form does not allow you to save and re-enter. Please consult the following checklist to ensure you are prepared to complete the form:

  • I have a description of my organization and its mission.[Community Focus Areas within this form]
  • I have the contact information for legal purposes, general communication, and student supervision (if these are different individuals).
  • I have information on site requirements for students (e.g. background checks, training) and safety (risk identification).
  • I have a description of the opportunity prepared, including tasks, # of students, hours/days.
  • I have student learning outcomes prepared. [What are student learning outcomes?]

Please note that you will be able to update opportunities at any time after the agreement (MOU) has been completed. 

If you have any questions prior to completing this form, please reach out to us!

For questions/updates related to community engagement (service learning, community service): web:

For questions/updates related to internships (pre-professional work experience):  web:


NOTE: CSUEB faculty or students cannot complete this form on behalf of an organization. However, you can copy the URL of this page and send it directly to a prospective organizational partner.