Welcome to CalStateS4 for CSU East Bay



CalStateS4 is hosted by the CSU Chancellor’s Office to manage student community placements, facilitate on or off-campus learning experiences, address safety and liability requirements, and list community partnership information. Faculty may use CalStateS4 for their internship and community engagement/service learning courses. Students may use CalStateS4 to find and place with approved sites.

If you are not sure if your site is an approved site, please search the S4 site list

Tip: Finding & Searching a Site in CalStateS4

Partner Organizations: To become an approved site, complete the Request to Initiate Form

Two programs are managed through CalStateS4: 

Internships are formal work opportunities that integrate a student’s academic program with their career aspirations, and provide hands-on experience that enhances a student's education and prepares them for professional and personal success. Please email Internships@csueastbay.edu if you have any questions regarding Internships.

Community Engagement and Service Learning (CESL) identify courses with community-based activities/assignments  that have community impact, and student learning outcomes related to social responsibility, social justice, and civic learning. 

Please email calstates4@csueastbay.edu if you have any questions regarding community engagement or service learning courses.

Please note: Each program has a separate process for students.